How to Create the Perfect Backyard Event

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Whether you are planning a wedding, vowel renewal, party, or event, it is always a great consideration to throw the party in the comfort of your backyard. Depending on your event, you may have to bring in substantial accommodations to entertain. From tents, chairs, and tables, to dinnerware, lighting, sound, and even some great accessories like popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, catering equipment, and of course jump castles for the kids! Read on to find out how to create the perfect backyard event!

Rentals for Backyard Weddings in Charleston, SC

Plenty of perks to having your special day in your backyard. You can select the date best for you, it is much less expensive than renting a venue, and it’s a lot more sentimental. Adding key rentals to your backyard will transform it into a beautiful setting for a procession and reception!

Tents, Foldout Oxford Garden Chairs, Plush White or deeply colored Linens,Tables, Dinnerware Rentals such as China, Flatware, Stemware, Barware, just to name a few. A backyard wedding can truly be a beautiful setting to get married, but it is imperative to have the right equipment! Check out Asher Event Rentals for a wide variety of equipment and rentals for all occasions!

Rentals for Backyard Holiday Events in Charleston, SC

Holidays are a good time for people to come together.  If you are having friends and family over, then you may need equipment for your Holiday event. Renting items such as tents and tables may be more practical then purchasing these items.

On holidays such as Independence Day you may require items to accommodate everyone to make your 4th of July party a success.  Having a jump castle or cotton candy machine can make the day extraordinary for your younger partygoers.  While a hot dog machine could give the outdoor chefs an easier time feeding your hungry guests.

Charleston has a warmer climate, so you may be able to host your Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter parties outside in your backyard.  Renting tables, chairs, and linens can make eating outside possible for you, family, and friends.  Down in Charleston, oyster roasts are also common at all times of the year.  If you throw an oyster roast, then you will certainly need plenty of table space.  Tents can provide protection from the elements to keep your party going no matter the weather.

Rent Tents, Tables, and Chairs for your Backyard Event

Now that you have your event planned, you can begin to identify what equipment you need rent to cover all your bases. In order to accommodate dining: tables, chairs, linens, glassware, dinnerware, stemware, and barware may be items you would like to acquire for the one time rental.  Tents will make your party weather proof from intense sunshine or perhaps any pesky precipitation.  Lighting can also be utilized to bring your event to life at later hours.

 Add a Jump Castle/Bounce House to your Backyard Event

Consider having a beautiful backyard holiday party where your friends and family bring their children.  While the adults are enjoying hors d’oeuvres or having a glass of wine from the chafing table, the kids may need an outlet for their energy. The perfect way to remedy this situation is to add a bounce house for the kids to enjoy while the adults enjoy their time at the party. It will also create excitement for your younger partygoers and elevate the positive energy at your party.

Add Accessories for the Perfect Backyard Event

Every great party should have a perk. Accessories that provide concessions can take your party to the next level and supplement cravings for your guests. Your event may also require outdoor equipment, such as a movie projector, that you otherwise would not use.

Imagine it being summertime and your Independence Day party is taking place in the heat of the summer.  A snow cone machine could be a delicious concession to cool off your guest.  Hot dogs are also an American staple, and a hot dog machine could provide the best way to have plenty for all guests.

Events at all times of the year could be improved with a popcorn machine or cotton candy machine.  Creating your own fresh popcorn or cotton candy will taste better and be a blast to make!

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