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Furniture Rentals – Charleston

Ample seating and table space is essential when creating an inviting dining environment for your special event. But, to truly achieve the desired effect, you must use reliable, high-quality tables and chairs that appropriately support your event’s purpose and theme. At Asher Event Rentals serving greater Charleston, SC we carry the areas broadest selection of table and chair rentals designed to fit any desired gathering or function. Our furniture inventory includes both round dining tables and rectangular banquet tables, and elevated bars and conference tables in most sizes. They are suitable for any occasion, from intimate celebrations to conferences and other large-scale events, including weddings and more. And, in all cases, we feature stylish, comfortable seating rental options that respect your space limitations while providing a fitting accompaniment for your choice of table.

Tables and Chair Rentals: Charleston, SC

The tables and chairs you select for your special event are crucial to the impression you make on your friends, family or colleagues. Properly sized seating and dining options will help you create a fantastic atmosphere even in larger rooms or tents.
Asher Event Rentals supports your special event with a massive inventory of premium-quality tables and chairs suited for all kinds of dining and functions. In addition to our table and chair rentals, customers can also rent fine linens and tabletop pieces. Asher Event Rentals offers stellar customer service and some of the most competitive prices in the Charleston, SC region. Our primary goal is providing our customers a wonderful experience.

Banquet Table Rentals: Charleston, SC

Rectangular banquet tables are a popular seating option for many types of events that feature food and drink, including weddings and various speaking events. These sturdy folding tables can seat anywhere from four to 12 people. In most cases banquet tables have a 30-inch high surface, although some large tables also come in taller formats of 36 inches or 48 inches. The lengths of banquets tables range from four feet all the way up to a full eight feet.

Round Table Rentals: Charleston, SC

Round table rentals can be used throughout your event for dining areas, displays, and more. Round tables and banquet tables are a very popular options. You can also use a combination of each to add dimension. Table rentals truly define the setting of your event!

Chair Rentals: Charleston, SC

Chairs are the essential accompaniment to banquet tables and round tables at your special event. Even if your event doesn’t feature dining service or require the use of tables, you will almost certainly still need plenty of comfortable seating options for your guests. The most common and widely used seating option is the folding chair. There are some cases where event planners desire non-folding chairs made from solid wood or other highly durable material. We have both options.

Linen Rentals: Charleston, SC

Linens are the perfect accompaniment for any round or rectangle banquet at your special event. Linens provide an aesthetic role by adding a sleek experience and upscale refinement that helps your overall presentation. Asher Event Rentals we offer linens that come in many sizes, as well as round, square and rectangular shapes. Each size shape is designed to cover a specific size of banquet table or round table, and you must carefully match your linen rental choices with your table rental choices. Linens also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Tables & Chairs

When it comes to your wedding and or event, one of the main necessities are going to be the tables and chairs. We offer a wide selection of tables & chairs in many sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from.